• Chapter III Vol 2

CD  MANNLP02 Original release 1970 This remaster 2013

Re-mastered version of the original album with freshened artwork and new sleeve notes by Nigel Stanworth. Includes download information for 3 free bonus tracks
I Ain't Laughing
Happy Being Me


1970 - Chapter Three Vol 2



Lady Ace (7:58)

Hugg - Carlin Music Corp

Lady Ace MP3 (209Kb) 


I Ain't Laughing (2:36)

Hugg - Carlin Music Corp

I Ain't Laughing MP3 (209Kb) 


Poor Sad Sue (5:54)

Hugg - Carlin Music Corp

Poor Sad Sue MP3 (209Kb) 


Jump Before You Think (4:52)

Hugg - Carlin Music Corp

Jump Before You Think MP3 (209Kb) 


It's Good To Be Alive (3:31)

Mann - Mann Music Pub Ltd

It's Good To Be Alive (209Kb) 


Happy Being Me (15:54)

Hugg - Carlin Music Corp

Happy Being Me MP3 (209Kb) 


Virginia (4:52)

Mann - Mann Music Pub Ltd

Virginia MP3 (209Kb) 


I Ain't Laughing (2:32bonus)

Hugg - Carlin Music Corp



Happy Being Me (single version) (4:01)bonus

Hugg - Carlin Music Corp



Virginia (alternate version) (3:32)bonus

Mann - Mann Music Pub Ltd


Mike Hugg (Vocals/Piano/E-Piano)
Manfred Mann (Organ)
Steve York (Electric&Acoustic Bass)
Bernie Living (Alto )
Craig Collinge (Drums)
Dave Brooks (Tenor)
Clive Stevens (Soprano/Tenor)
Senny Corbet (Trumpet)
David Coxhill (Baritone)
Brian Hugg (Acoustic Guitar/Backing Vocals)

Recorded at Maximum Sound Studios
Old Kent Road, London
Engineer Dave Hatfield
Produced by Hugg/Mann/Hatfield
Brass arrangements by Hugg/mann
Additional Brass arrangements by
Derek Wadsworth & Mike Gibb

Publishers - Tarot/Carlin

In June 1969 The Manfred Mann pop group
disbanded after 5 1/2 years of successfully
making hit records.
Manfred Mann Chapter III was formed by Manfred
Mann and Mike Hugg, who had originally formed
the Manfred Mann pop group.


Chapter III Vol 2

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